Motorcycle TV: What’s In The Barn

Posted: February 25, 2014 in Motorcycle TV
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CaptureI ran across a new motorcycle related TV Show, Velocity channels “What’s In The Barn”.  Evidently this series premiered last summer; I must have missed it while I was out riding.  LOL

Based on what I watched and what I read on their website the show is primarily about the “Wheels Through Time” motorcycle museum and it curator, Dale Walksler, search for vintage motorcycles.  I have not been to the museum yet myself, but it is on my list of things to do.

The first show I watched “A Motorcycle Crime Story” was quite interesting.  If you have ever been to a motorcycle rally or read a motorcycle magazine you are aware that the museum raffles off a motorcycle every year to help cover their operating costs.  This episode begins with the build of the 2013 raffle bike coming to a halt due to a lack of rare, vintage parts, in this case a cateye dashboard that Harley produced for one year only.Velocity

Mr. Walksler sets off to Illinois to get the part from a guy that has the barns full of old parts he purchased from a family whose mother and fathers were killed by members of the Outlaws MC, thus the title.  He also has a side trip that involves him getting an original 1970’s Arlen Ness chopper.

The most interesting show was “12 Hours and Running”, they started 120 vintage motorcycles in 12 hours.  There was some really old bikes in this bunch including Pierce, Excelsior, Henderson, Crocker as well as Harley and Indians.  It is cool and amazing that they have a museum full of running, functional old bike!

While parts of the show are “cheesy” over all it is well laid out and well put together.  I give it 4 out of 5 stars.


  1. 7acesmotolog says:

    I’ve meet Dale and been to the museum twice. It’s located in Maggie Valley, NC and surrounded by amazing roads. The museum is worth a trip. The bikes in Dale’s collection are amazing and any assembled bike in the place can be started. It’s not unusual to hear bikes being started up as you’re walking through the place. Thanks for the article and the heads up on the show.

  2. […] reviewed the show last season and gave it 4 out of 5 stars (you can read that review here).  I would expect that the production values have only went up so it might get to 5 stars this […]

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