naked speed

Where has all the motorcycle television shows gone?  Just a couple of years ago we had lots of motorcycle themed shows to watch.  My DVR had plenty of shows recorded and ready to watch. Not so much anymore.

I recently started to notice commericals for a new motorcycle show on the Velocity Channel called Naked Speed.  But, if you look on the Velocity Channel’s website you will find no indication that there is any motorcycle programing let alone Naked Speed.  Naked Speed will premier January 28th at 10PM EST (based on the following You Tube vid).  Bryan Fuller and Mike Seate (of Café Racer Magazine and Café Racer TV) of the show. Mr. Fuller has been on other TV shows to include Café Racer and Overhaulin’.

From what I can gather the show is about making stripped down, modern and retro, motorcycles go fast!  So Café Racer, Naked Bikes, Street Fighters all are going to be highlighted on the show. Can’t get much better then that!

Some other links about Naked Speed:

Meet Bryan Fuller

What is Naked Speed?


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