First I have to say that I am a bit late on this motorcycle product review. I have had the bag for a few months but I wanted to wait until we could really put the Viking Bag Sport Tail Bag through a real test. (Also available at Motorcycle House)

If you follow this blog you know we just finished a 1700 mile tour from our home in northern Virginia to Myrtle Beach, SC then to the North Carolina and Tennessee mountains before heading home. This bag (their model AXE-23) was strapped to the top of our tour-pak for every mile of the trip.

We gave this bag a real work out. We experienced conditions of 100+F degree heat, multiple rain and thunderstorms, twisty mountain roads and this bag hung right in there.

OK, so what do I think about the bag. While the video will give you better details here are some of the major + and – of the bag.

+ It fits the Harley Davidson Air Wing Tour-Pak Chrome Luggage Rack really nicely.

+ The bungee cord tie downs really gave the bag a snug fit to the luggage rack. I NEVER had concerns of it coming loose.

+ The hooks for the bungee cords are coated, which provides added protection against scrapes and scuffs to chrome or paint.

+ It holds a LOT more than it would appear to hold. The design of the expansion sides gives the bag an extra 6 inches of space. Look at the video and you will see why their design is better than any other expansion side that I have seen.

+ The rain cover works well and did not come off in 70+ MPH wind.

+ The no-mar, anti-skid bottom did not scuff the chrome and helped hold it in place.

– The clips to add soft saddle bags. I would have liked to have had a female connector to use them as a secondary tie down or the ability to remove them completely.

– The side pocket zippers had tuck in spots to prevent wind “tinkle” but none of the others had that option.

– The bungee cords had little caps to protect the ends of the hooks and thus your paint and chrome, it think that was a great touch for protecting our bikes. But, two of the four tips came off during the ride.

During our ride I was considering giving the bag a 4 star rating. But, after we got home and I had time to reflect on the bag AND get my wife’s input I have no problem at all giving the Sport Tail Bag (AXE-23) a 5 out 5 rating.

That extra star came about when I realized that I was thinking of giving the bag away before the ride began and after it was over we decided that we are going to keep it for our future rides!

5 star

You can checkout some of their other products (like sissy bar bags) here.


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