This is my take on motorcycle news that grabbed my attention. There is a whole lot more out there, but this is the news that I want to discuss. Drop me a note if you disagree with my take.


Up Shift – Arizona has joined several other states in allowing motorcycles LANE FILITERING.  Just to be clear Lane Filtering allows motorcycle to move between STOPPED vehicles.  Lane Splitting allows motorcycles to move between moving vehicles.

Molded after the law Utah passed a few years ago Arizona riders can, when the law comes into effect, filter between 1) stopped cars, 2) on roads with the speed limit under 45 MPH, 3) the road must have 2 or more lanes moving in the same direction, 4) the motorcycle cannot exceed 15 MPH. 

My Take – This is a good thing!  It will be a mess at first as everyone learns the new rules but in the long run it will save lines as fewer bikers are killed in rear in accidents (get off your phones) at red lights.


Down Shift – In what has become an all-time bad April Fool’s joke MotorcycleSports.net has issued an apology. What did they do? How about a headline of “Diplopia wins and March Marquez ends is career”. This headline and the associated article really irritated Honda.

My Take – Well not the best April Fool’s joke I have ever seen but Honda seems to believe they and Marquez were harmed. I think they think too highly of themselves. 


Ride on, Ride Safe

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