Motorcycling vs. CDC … I do not have a disease!

Posted: November 23, 2013 in Motorcycle advocacy, Motorcycle news
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Looks like others are taken aback by the CDC and “its helmet study” I mentioned in my last post.  Congressman Tim Walberg (Michigan) wrote a letter to the CDC asking several pointed question about the study and its “findings”. A quick web search finds that the AMA, ABATE and others are taking the CDC to task on this issue as well.

If you have not yet dropped a note to your congressman or women now is the time.  It is not about helmet laws it is about labeling our activity as a health risk just like cigarettes, soda and Trans fats! If they can label motorcycles as a health risk then higher taxes and heavy restrictions will soon follow.

  1. […] a letter to the CDC asking for meeting to discuss the issue. As I noted in earlier posts (here, here, and here), it is my opinion that this is the first strike to make motorcycling a bad health choice […]

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