Motorcycle TV: Hell Roads

Posted: January 6, 2014 in Motorcycle TV
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While Discovery Channel’s “Hell Roads” is not specifically motorcycle related, it was close enough for me to add it to my blog. The show is about the roads, from around the globe, that are the most dangerous to travel.

Three of the roads are here in the United States the rest in South America and Asia. I have already ridden the number 7 road (US 129, Tail of the Dragon) and I am going to add number 2 to my bucket list, but I would have to get a dual sport bike to ride number 5 (Moki Dugway). Here are the top 8 “Hell Road”:

8. Camino De las Yungas, Bolivia

7. The Tale of the Dragon, US 129, North Carolina/Tennessee border

6. Guoliang Tunnel, China

5. Moki Dugway, Utah

4. Karakoram Highway, Pakistan

3. Chacas Road, Peru

2. Red Mountain Pass, Colorado

1. KG Pass, Afghanistan (more so for the chance of being blown up)

If you have not seen this show yet set your DVR or check You Tube, it is fun and interesting. I give Hell Roads 4 out of 5 stars.


  1. ahhhhh, the dragon. 🙂

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