Motorcycle Ride: The first really nice day of the season for a motorcycle ride!

Posted: March 25, 2014 in Motorcycle, Motorcycle Rides
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Wow, this was the first really nice Saturday for motorcycle riding of the year here in Northern Virginia and we took advantage of it. But, sadly, they are call for more snow this week. Not very much but still, MORE FREAK’N SNOW!

300_724129We pulled out of the garage about eleven; the temp was a cool 49F.  With mid weight jackets and chaps riding the Ultra Limited was very comfy. Heading south on US Route 15, our plans were to meet our friends Tim and Karma for a quick lunch and then visit the Belmont Farm Distillery outside of Culpeper, VA.  

We linked up with Tim and Karma at a Subway restaurant at the intersection of Route 15 and US Route 29.  What is interesting about Route 29 (which runs from Danville, VA to the Key Bridge connecting VA with DC) is it is also the known as the Lee Highway, the Seminole Trail, and the 29th Infantry Division Memorial Highway. 

After lunch (by the way I was unimpressed with Subway’s new Jalapeno & cheese bread) we all pulled out and headed to the Distillery. Even though everything is still brown (spring as now yet sprung) the ride through the Virginia farm county was just awesome! 

Because of the comfortable weather, purring motorcycle, county roads and good friends it was only a little disappointing that we found the distillery still closed for the season.   Just FYI if you decide to visit the distillery the last half mile from the main road to the still house is a gravel road.

After turning around we decided to just head out and ride.  A little bit down the road I noticed that we were only a few miles from Orange, VA and Waugh Harley Davidson. So, as lead bike, I decided to visit the dealership. We rolled up, took our stuff off and as we walked up to the door we watched them flip the sign to CLOSED!

But never fear, the owner of the dealership opened the door and told us to come on in.  We spoke with him for a while but not wanting to hold him up we thanked him for his hospitality and rolled on out. Heading back north, we rode through downtown Culpeper (much bigger than I expected) and when we got to Warrenton we stopped for dinner at an Outback Steakhouse. 

After dinner we topped off our fuel tanks, said our goodbyes and headed for the house.  Chasing the sunlight we pulled into the driveway a little before 8PM.  Putting over 200 miles on the bike we all had a great afternoon on the bikes….a very good way to start the riding season.

  1. Ron Brown says:

    Scott! The weather has not been cooperating with you these days with all this snow. I’ll hang out here OCONUS until it gets warm! Will need a new battery on the Heritage and will defiantly do some bar hopping on the 49 Pan Head!

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