Motorcycle ride to the 9/11, Flight 93 Memorial and National Park

Posted: June 16, 2014 in Motorcycle Rides
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Park Entrance

This past weekend Debbie, our friends Tim and Karma and I took a motorcycle ride to the Flight 93, 9/11 Memorial and National Park.

We mounted our bikes and had kickstands up at about 9AM, headed north and west on Interstate 70. WOW, the traffic on I70 was very heavy; it was like a Friday afternoon on a holiday weekend heavy. I understand why everyone wants out of the Washington DC metro area, but come on guys; did you not know I wanted the highway to myself?!?!

The first point where the traffic begins to thin, but only slightly, was as we passed the Hagerstown Outlet Mall. But traffic did not really become light until we reached the I70 and I68 intersection, from that point on things were calm and smooth. At least until the temperature began to drop the further north and the higher elevation we made.

While I was comfy behind the fairing on the Ultra Limited the others were quite cool and in the mood for warmth and food. We stopped for breakfast about 10:30 at “Cathie’s County Store” near the intersection of I70 and PA 915. Debbie declared that Cathie’s home fries were the best she ever had! Pulling back out onto the interstate it was not long before we were onto US 30, also known as the Lincoln Highway.

Just a short way before the actual park entrance we crested a ridge and saw dozens of wind turbines and at the same time understood why they were there. From the time we crested that ridge until we nearly reached the interstate again there was a constant wind, sometimes enough to cause the bikes to move a bit in our lane.

When we reached the Flight 93 Memorial I was pleasantly surprised how full the parking lot was for a cool, overcast Saturday. We arrived at the park just as a park ranger began a presentation of the events of that day. His presentation was a pointed reminder of the events of 9/11 and the courage of the crew and passengers of Flight 93 knowing that the terrorists were intending to crash the plane into a building. While their efforts cost the lives of 40 they likely saved the lives of hundreds if not thousands.

After that solemn stop we rode south stopping at Highland Harley Davidson in Somerset, PA. Tim needed to buy a heavier shirt for the trip back. While he claims otherwise, I am sure he bought one off the women’s rack as the shirt he bought had thumb holes “to hold it in place”…. 🙂

From Somerset we rode south to Cumberland, MD and I68 then back towards home. We stopped for diner at the Longhorn Steak House in Frederick, MD. After a good diner we said out goodbyes and head for the house.

  1. TV says:

    You donkey! It was a mens shirt!

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