evel kinevel

The documentary on Evel Knievel by Johnny Knoxville is coming to the History Channel this weekend, Saturday the 2nd of January.

I had wanted to see it on the big screen but it did not come to my area.  The reviews are 97% good on Rotten Tomatoes and the few viewer reviews I have seen have all been good.  I will get to see it myself Saturday night.  I hope I will be in good condition to watch as I will be riding in the local Frosty Balls ride the day before!

The description of the movie from the History Channel…..

“Academy Award-winning filmmaker Daniel Junge and actor/producer Johnny Knoxville take a candid look at American daredevil and icon Robert “Evel” Knievel, delivering thrills and spills, while also reflecting on the public’s voracious appetite for heroes and spectacle, and what that represents in ourselves.

A generation of Americans grew up worshipping self-styled hero Evel Knievel–watching him every Saturday on Wide World of Sports and buying his Ideal toys. Knieval was the ultimate antidote to the disenchantment of the 70’s. But few knew the incredible and often complex aspects of his epic life, which, like his jumps, was sometimes glorious and sometimes disastrous.

With an entire genre of sports ascending from his daring inventiveness, now is the time to look at this extreme man and his complicated legacy.”


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