frosty balls

On New Year’s Day we participated in the Frosty Balls motorcycle ride.  The ride is hosted by the HOG Chapter 1813 out of Frederick, MD every New Years day.

Debbie and I bundled up as much as possible while still being able to mount the bike (although I would have loved to have a video of Debbie trying to get on the bike…it took 3 tries LOL) and pulled out of the driveway at 930 AM.  With the temperature at 38F, the ride to the dealership parking lot start point was brisk to say the least.  By the way…we don’t have heated gear.

When we arrived I was quite surprised to see that there were over 40 bikes ready to take on the cool morning. After signing in we mingled a bit with the other members of the HOG wishing each other a Happy New Year and catching up on what happened over the holidays.  Soon enough it was time to go kickstands up.

Fifty miles of Maryland and Virginia back roads we ended up at the Virginia Kitchen restaurant in Herndon VA.  A nice lunch, a warm room and great comradery help raise our internal temperature … until we had to go out and ride home.  At this point Debbie and I decided to drop from the group and go back to the house to take care of post-holiday activities.

The round trip was over 80 miles and the temperature had reached a balmy 48F as we pulled back into our driveway.  It was a good ride and a good way to start the new year!

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