Motorcycle TV: Top Gear (USA) in Sturgis

Posted: October 23, 2013 in Motorcycle TV, Product Reviews
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I was disappointed after watching Top Gear (USA) at Sturgis last night. It started out quite strong with the guys on scooters and completing challenges to move up to bigger bikes. But it went down hill from there.

Rutledge wrecked his scooter, on purpose it appeared to me, to lose the first challenge (this is a guy that claims to have two bikes in his garage). He would later go on to drop a Street Glide twice. The guys who won the challenge (Adam & Tanner) began riding Yamaha 250’s but also began wearing full face helmets. From this point forward there were times I was not sure that they were on the bikes, I got the feeling that “stunt doubles” were used.

The next challenge was to ride three members of a band (I forget the name) across town to the Buffalo Chip. Adam ducked out and got a side car, Tanner stopped at a bikini bike wash and Rut stopped to allow his passenger to get water and cigarettes. It was here that the most contrived moment of the series let alone the show occurred. Rut accidentally knocked down two bikes.

First, I am not sure he even touched the bike to cause it to fall into the second bike. Second, the bikes looked like 1980’s dual purpose motorcycles that might not even run. Third, no one prevented him and his passenger from leaving, I have been at rallies where this has happened, folks do not let you leave until the owners of the other bikes arrive.

OH, and of course Tanner won the overall contest and got to race a car against a motorcycle.

Overall, I think this is the worst episode of Top Gear (USA) ever. I love the show as a whole and watch it every week but this one just sucked.


  1. rexjc says:

    Been pretty much disappointed with whole show.

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