6 Things to consider in choosing a motorcycle Jacket!

Posted: September 20, 2015 in motorcycle safety, Product Reviews
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BY: Ania Todua

After helmets, biker jackets are the essential accessories for the motorcyclists’ safety. Thankfully, while protecting you, these armors accentuate your style quotient as well. Of course, like most other niches, the biker jackets market is also swarming with immense styles and designs. Making a buying decision is often very confusing. Here are some basic things you should ensure about your jacket:

  • Material: This is the first thing you need to check in a jacket. Leather – genuine or synthetic – is the most common material used to make these jackets. Cowhide leather is the most popular choice and lasts long. Your region of travel is the decisive factor here. In a hot climate, a leather jacket can be quite uncomfortable. Breathable fabrics like synthetic (Tri-Tex Fabric, polyester mesh, etc.) have nearly all the qualities of leather.
  • Protection: Do not compromise quality for cost. Your biker jackets should provide weather and injury protection to you. Apart from insulating you from the weather, a good biker jacket prevents you from getting the scratches, drags, and any other injury in case of an accident while riding. The jacket should have a detachable quilted lining and elbow & shoulder padding. Though they add to the weight of the jacket, but are greater protections for your very important joints. And, anyway, they are removable.
  • Size: Try to pick a size bigger. This helps facilitate the body movement comfortably and covers your upper body properly. You can even wear more clothes inside you plan to drive through a cold zone. Make sure the cuffs of your jacket end at your wrist and your palms are free from any hindrance.
  • Comfort Feel: It is essential that you are comfortable in your jacket. It should impart a soft, cushiony feel, while freely allowing your hands movement. The biker jackets should not be heavy, as they tire the biker. Removable armors, lining, sleeves, etc. are a great relief when not needed. Also, see that the fabric has good absorption. Basically, do not compromise on comfort and safety.
  • Waist Band: It should be adjustable. The Velcro or the belted ones work out the best here.
  • Style: Look for a style and color of your biker jackets complementing your personality. Whatever you choose make sure you are visible to the other drivers at night when you wear your biker jackets.

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