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Might take some work to remove the dog smell.

With April being Motorcycle Helmet Safety Month, now is a good time to check your lid. Below is a simple checklist to make sure your helmet is still good to go.

  • Is your motorcycle helmet 5 years or older? Most manufacturers state that you should replace your helmet every 3-5 years.  Many folks think that is nothing but a money grab. However, your head is protected by a Styrofoam like substance, called expanded polystyrene foam or EPS, that does degrade over time. You need to be the judge of how your head is protected.
  • Is there any visible damage to the helmet? Did you drop your motorcycle helmet that may have compressed the EPS liner? Is the shell cracked or scuffed nearly through the shell?
  • Does your helmet fit? A proper fitting helmet is critical to its ability to protect the rider. If the helmet moves around or slides back and forth it is a good idea to find a helmet that fits properly.
  • Are the straps and connectors still in good and operational condition?
  • Does the internal padding stay attach and is it in good condition?
  • Remove the padding and look at the EPS foam.  Is it in one piece? Is it cracked or dented?
  • Is your visor still in good working condition? Are there any issues that might obscure your vision?
  • Make sure there are no insects or animals living in your helmet. That is poisonous black widow spider in the picture below.

Ride On, Ride Safe


April is Motorcycle Helmet Safety month so now is a good time to make sure your lid is in good shape.  You should, at least once a year, check your helmet to make sure it is in good shape, as it is your primary safety tool. I just bought new helmets, read on to find out why.

What should you look at while checking your helmet? Here are 9 items you should look at when assessing your motorcycle helmet for use in another year:

1) Is the shell all in one piece?  Are there cracks or splits?

2) Are the straps and connectors in good shape, no adverse wear or tear?

3) Is the internal padding is connected and stays in place?

4) Remove the padding and check the foam.  Is it dented or has cracks?

5) While looking at the foam, most companies place a sticker printed with the “birthday” of your helmet.  Is it over 5 years old?

6) Does the rest of the internals look in good operating conditions?

7) Check the visor for damage that might obscure your vision, can you see clearly?

8) Are the screws or other visor attachments tight and is the visor working as expected?

9 Make sure that insects/creatures are not living in your helmet, see photo below!

Let’s talk about item 5, the 5-year rule.  Most manufactures recommend that you replace your helmet after 5 years. The sceptic in us will think “more sells = more money” for the motorcycle helmet makers. The reason, they state, is that the foam between the padding and shell will deteriorate over time reducing its ability to protect your skull.

I believe in the 5-year rule, but I also check every year.  I just replaced my 7-year-old Nolan motorcycle helmet this month.  Why? When I ran my hands over the foam it no longer felt as smooth as it once did. It is hard to describe but, I felt that the foam was starting to show its age and we needed new helmets.

It is your head; I hope these checks help you out.  

Ride on, Ride safe