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DOT Approved? Not likely.

I just ran across another congressman who has sent a letter to the CDC (back in September, obviously I got to this late).

Congressmen Tom Petri of Wisconsin has written the CDC telling them to stay out of motorcycle safety issues and to focus on their mission of disease prevention. The congressmen said this:

“Given the demands on your budget and the unique ability of the CDC to address such pressing issues as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and a host of other conditions and issues, which afflict millions of Americans and others around the globe, we encourage you to direct your attention and resources to areas that are not currently already being addressed elsewhere in the government.”

ABATE of Wisconsin and the Motorcycle Riders Foundation is working with the congressmen, who is apparently a motorcycle fan, on this and other biking related issues.

As I mentioned in my other posts about this issue, allowing the government to label any part of motorcycling a health cost risk is to open the door to the elimination of what we love. I am personally in favor of helmets, and think we should all use them but using the new health care laws will, eventually, slowly, eliminate motorcycles “for the safety of the children”.

Make sure you contact your congressmen about making the CDC stay out of transportation issues! You can call your representatives by calling the US Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121.

  1. […] have sent a letter to the CDC asking for meeting to discuss the issue. As I noted in earlier posts (here, here, and here), it is my opinion that this is the first strike to make motorcycling a bad health […]

  2. Thanks for the info… I didn’t know about this… I will keep a watch out… What the heck does the CDC know about motorcycles anyway… Another over reach by the Feds… Ride safe…

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