I officially declare that I have ridden a motorcycle at least once during each month of 2014.  This makes me a “Rounder” according to the site  While I have ridden like this in the past I did not know there was a name or a group for this type of accomplishment.

I use the world accomplishment very much tongue-in-cheek as I enjoy riding as often as possible and have the gear to ride when I want.  But, if you review their website (, you will see that the rounders enjoy the same tongue-in-cheek approach.

Riding our Harley Davidson Ultra Limited Debbie and I have put down just over 7000 miles in all kinds of weather.  According to their temperature guide, we have checked off all but three of their categories, and I have no plans to knock the those three off this year. 🙂

  • 100’s+ Red Hot Rounder  (check)
  • 90’s Sweating Rounder   (check)
  • 80’s Half Baked Rounder   (check)
  • 70’s – R&R (Rounder Relaxing)   (check)
  • 60’s -Jr. Rounder (Just Riding)   (check)
  • 50’s – LOTF Rounder (Looking Over The Fence)   (check)
  • 40’s – FOTF Rounder (Fringe of the Fringe)   (check)
  • 30’s – Half Rounder   (check)
  • 20’s – TQ Rounder (Three Quarts)
  • 0-20 – Rounder
  • KHOF Rounder (Kook Hall of Fame)

Whether or not you are or even want to be a year rounder you should check out their website for the fun of it!



  1. Bodhi Rana says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I hadn’t seen them prior to your post.

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